Poem: Learning to Drive (A Parody)

I find that I write poems in spurts and then don't write any for a couple of weeks.  Here is one, and I got another one coming soon.  Enjoy guys! (Written 01/16/2019) “I get behind the wheel. I start to get a feel For the power in this hunk of steel. I start today. “I … Continue reading Poem: Learning to Drive (A Parody)


Poem: The Forge

Well, it's December, and my schedule is getting crazy busy (hopefully not a lame excuse for the delay). I finally got finished typing this, and it is another religious poem. I was inspired by quote on the backs of the books in Dr. Taylor Marshall's Sword and Serpent trilogy: "Saints aren't born; they are forged." The poem builds on that saying. Enjoy!

Poem: This Isn’t Supposed to Be Like This

Down in Georgia, this accurately described most falls.  This ain't your typical northeastern autumn.  It's the south. 🙂 Enjoy! (Written 10/03/2018)   Well, it’s October and autumn now, And I don’t quite know how, But nature seems to have no beauty to give, For all the leaves still are green and live. I say, a … Continue reading Poem: This Isn’t Supposed to Be Like This