Poem: Trinity

No, this poem is not about the first nuclear bomb explosion and test.  Once again, I’m just writing and posting about my religious beliefs, but these most Christians (if not all) will agree with; this belief is not found solely in Catholicism. Enjoy!

(Written 07/29/2018)


Blessed be God the Father,
Holiest and almighty Lord;
Creator of Heaven and Earth,
From Whom proceeds the Word.

Blessed be God the Son,
Jesus Christ, also Son of Man.
Most holy be our Savior on the Cross,
All part of God’s Eternal Plan.

Blessed be God the Holy Ghost,
The Third person of the Blessed Trinity;
The Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son,
Through Love in perfect unity.

Blessed be the Holy Trinity,
The thrice-holy God above;
One God in three Divine Persons,
The true God of mercy and love.


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